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IT support

Wizard Solutions prides itself on being a total communications solution for our customers. This is supported by our large range of products and prompt after sales service. Wizard Solutions have designed several levels of response to a customer service request. We endeavour to attend to all minor works within 48 to 72 hours as a standard response time.

Providing a total packaged solution (including the equipment) so you sit back and relax while we take care of everything...

It's easy...
Just get Wizards to install your electrical and data cabling, office network setup, and phone systems... Think of the time usually wasted between appointments, ringing around for quotes, and coordinating with staff, that can be saved with us.

Telephone Systems

Phone systems Perth

With years of personalised service behind us delivered to companies from the corporate giants to SOHO (Small Office Home Office). We are driven to provide you with the best of tomorrow's technology... TODAY! We offer many of the well known brands of phone systems, handsets, headsets, cordless phones and so much more.

Electrical & Data

From the day we opened, our specialised service has included electrical cabling and data installation services.

Data cabling Perth Electrical services Perth

Computer / IT Services

Our Bibra Lake Branch offers IT services for Business customers which includes the following:-

Computers Perth
  • Service, repairs and upgrades to all types of personal computers and notebooks
  • Computer Maintenance and Virus Cleaning
  • Internet and Email setup and repair
  • Complete computer systems to meet all budgets
  • System clean-ups, backup's and data recovery
  • Computer components, cable, and other hardware
  • IT Services for Small to Medium Business
  • Free advice on computer issues.


UPGRADING need not be expensive. We offer a range of solutions that may prolong the life of your existing equipment. Why not send us an email now?