Wizard Solutions is a proud partner of the Mobile Muster recycle programme. We're doing our bit... are you doing yours? Contact us to find out more.

Does this look familiar?
The growing amount of computer waste is becoming an increasing problem, with millions of devices becoming obsolete each year as the technology industry produces faster, better and less expensive equipment.


E-Waste or Electronic Waste is the fastest growing source of waste in modern times and we can all help to minimise the impact it has on our world. At Wizard Solutions, we have a
"Real Solution!" for this.... RECYCLE!

Recycle mobiles

Anything and everything electronic! It includes equipment such as computers, mice, keyboards, printers, circuit boards, and cell phones. These items often contain plastics, metals and other materials that are not readily biodegradable and can be toxic. So here at Wizard Solutions we have made it a company policy to recycle as much E-Waste as possible.

Here are a few ways you can get involved!

  • Look up your nearest Mobile Muster drop off point.
  • Evaluate the company supplier of your electronics to see whether they offer any recycling services. If you upgrade your equipment with us, we will guarantee that your old equipment will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Talk to us at Wizards... we will show you how to upgrade and cost save at the same time.
  • Bring in your old computer for recycling... but before we dismantle it all, talk to us about supplying you a new computer and migrating all your existing data to it.
  • Donate your old computer to a school or charity... We do!

Wizard Solutions is part of MobileMuster so if you are in our area, drop in any of your old mobile phones, batteries or accessories.

MobileMuster's message is simple, "Round 'em up and hand 'em in!"