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Data Equipment and Peripherals

For all your Data and Peripheral requirements, look no further than Wizard Solutions! Not only can we supply and install you data cabling and equipment, as part of our policy of
"Real Service - Real Solutions", we will also test, label and certify all outlets so you can be assured you get a quality job and that all our installations meets with industry standards and specifications.

Below you will find a range of products that we can supply. If it is not listed then don't hesitate to contact us. We supply it all. Enquire about a free onsite appraisal... "Real Service - Real Solutions!" We make it happen!

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patch panels
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Patch Panels

Patch panels vary in port numbers and here at Wizards, we advise using a 24 port patch panel as it is still manageable and not too congested for patching and unpatching.

Management panels are a great way of keeping your patch leads neat and tidy within the Comms Rack.


utp cable
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UTP Cable

Internal or Underground? Category 5 or Category 6? Which cable is right for you? Wizards are able to supply all your cable needs, so if you require a specific brand to maintain cabling standards for your site, just let us know.


connectors rj45
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Depending on the install environment, RJ45 sockets on face plates may suit or a surface mount arrangement may be better. If your business is in a dusty environment, a shuttered socket may provide more protection for unused sockets. If you are not sure then contact us for an obligation free site visit.


patch leads
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Patch Leads

We stock a large range of both category 5 or category 6 RJ45 patch leads and they are also available in most colours. Our leads come in varying lengths with the normal lengths being half, 1, 2, 3 and 5 meters. However, should a longer or specific length be required, we can either order it in or if you'd like smaller quantities, we can custom make them at our workshop.


comms cabinet
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Wizards supply a full range of cabinets from a 6RU open rack to a 42RU fully enclosed server cabinet. We only use quality cabinets from branded suppliers or should you require a cabinet to suit a particular location, we can custom make it to suit. All enclosed cabinets can be key lockable and have the option of coming with or without fan units. If you are not sure which cabinet is right for you, then one of our technicians can come out and offer some free practical advice.


switch router
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Switches / Routers

Whether it's a small 4 port Switch for the Home/Office or a 24 port rack mountable Switch for the offices, you’ll find what you are looking for at Wizards. Managed Switches, Wireless Routers and ADSL Modems are available too.

What about a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Router? With this you could be working on the beach with your Laptop and it would be as if you were working right in front of your Office PC... now that's a "Real Solution!" from Wizards.


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UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Here is a device that everyone forgets about... and they only remember when the power goes out, all their data has been lost and their PC will not start because the PC Power Supply has blown. Sound familiar?

Our "Real Solution" at Wizards is to educate our customers that a UPS is vital piece of equipment that, for a small outlay at the beginning, could potentially save you thousands in the long run... What price do you put on your "lost" or "corrupt" data when your PC or Server suddenly turns off!

Don't risk it... call in and see our range of UPS's.

All our data and peripheral equipment can be neatly and quickly installed for you by our qualified technicians. It's all part of the "Real Service" that you experience when you use Wizard Solutions. Should you have any queries, please contact our sales team on 9434 0688 or send us an Email.